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Coin purse in DARK BROWN

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Handcrafted leather coin purse 

This coin purse was crafted from Argentinian vegetable tanned leather, it was cut and stitched by hand. The leather was dyed in brown and treated with treated with a mix of beeswax and carnauba wax for high gloss. The edges were burnished and polished with beeswax.

The wallet closure performed by using old western method of leather lace and concho. The concho itself was made from an old Japanese coin. The coin has an obsolete nomination of 1 Sen - it is made of bronze and has a beautiful floral ornament. This coin was minted during Taisho Era - sometime during 1930es. The coin was shaped, surface was polished, chemically blackened and rubbed with a cotton canvas.

This Half-Wallet features:

  • Original design and quality craftsmanship
  • 1 compartment for coins and other small items with internal flap closure
  • 1 compartment for folded cash 
  • 1 small pocket on the back of external flap for a couple of keys.
  • Concho made of an authentic Japanese 1 Sen coin from 1930es. 
  • Colors: brown leather and brown thread
  • Approximate Dimensions: 10cm X 12cm X 4.5cm

Welcome to Mann&Co Leather Workshop
Here You can buy authentic Steampunk accessories, such as goggles, masks, hats and other Steampunk goods made of leather and brass.

Fashioned in a militarized Steampunk/Dieselpunk style, or as we recently started to call our line - the Trenchpunk.

Working with authentic materials and using traditional craft methods is an essential professional issue for us - as we try to combine it with our personal vision of aesthetics.
We tend to rely on confidence of the materials and the techniques that are usually considered a vintage rarity nowadays. Solid brass and copper, mild steel and veg-tanned leather are main components that we use to create our goods. 

Our goal is to create an appealing appearance and usability, fused together in a single form. We strive to get to a place where the authenticity of the materials and the manufacturing methods are maxed out.

Oftentimes, we draw our inspiration from getting back to the days of interwar-period, the Industrial revolution period and other historical themes of the 20th century beginning. We derive a lot from apocryphal sources like alternative history literature and cinema, as well as from actual historical sources.

I was working with metal and leather since the age 17, being a young and an impassioned historical reenactor. In year 2009 I've created my first pair of Steampunk brass goggles. From then on, the making process flowed and lead me to becoming a totally self-taught and full time job leather worker. My wife joined me a couple of years ago, past architect and interior designer, she submerged into the process with me.
Originally, the workshop was established in Israel. Now, our studio is located in a small rural town near Moscow, Russia. Isolated from the noisy modern atmosphere, where we can create 24/7 and hope that we will have the chance and the time to carry out all our ideas.
Or in other words
Making goggles for a living since 2005.